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Damages for Victims with Permanent Injuries

When you’re involved in a serious personal injury, your entire life can change in the blink of an eye. For those who suffer permanent injuries, it’s common to spend years processing what happened and coming to terms with their new reality. No amount of money can make up for the permanent losses you’ve gone through, but fair compensation for your accident can help you make the most of your new normal.

If you’ve been seriously injured through no fault of your own, set aside some time to meet with our team of personal injury attorneys. We’re committed to fighting the insurance company on your behalf to help you get full and fair compensation. Call Nowell Law Firm at 864-707-1785 to schedule a consultation now.

Immediate Medical Treatment and Ongoing Care

A permanent injury is likely to require a substantial amount of immediate lifesaving care. This can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that’s a cost you should not have to bear on your own. In addition to your immediate care needs, you may need medical care for the rest of your life because of your injuries. Those with chronic conditions often require annual diagnostic tests, evaluations, and treatment adjustments to help them maximize their quality of life. This is what you should expect if an injury has left you permanently injured.

Loss of Income

The loss of a provider’s income can be a devastating blow to a family. It’s perhaps one of the largest financial losses you can experience after an injury because you have to account for the money you currently make, future raises, and future opportunities for promotions. If all of those are lost permanently, a personal injury settlement should cover those losses. While it’s relatively easy to calculate the wages you have already lost, figuring out what future income you’ve lost is more difficult. Talk to your attorney about how to calculate this amount.

Long-Term Care Needs

If your injury takes away your ability to live independently, you may have long-term care needs. This often includes in-home nursing care, paying a family member to take care of you, or living in an assisted living facility. Whichever arrangement works out for you, you may be able to demand compensation for this loss in your settlement. Long-term care is incredibly expensive, and it’s not a cost you should be saddled with because of someone else’s negligence.

Home Adaptations

Your home may no longer be safe for you if you have permanent injuries. For example, if you must be in a wheelchair at all times except when in bed, your two-story home is unlikely to be a safe choice for you. To make your home accommodate you, you may need to install wheelchair ramps, chair lifts on stairs, and other adaptive equipment. The cost of this equipment can easily exceed the actual cost of your home. You may want to get an estimate for these expenses and discuss them with your attorney.

Compensation for Loved Ones

Your loved ones, while not the primary victims of the accident, are still going to lose a lot because of your injury. If you are no longer able to care for your children, connect with your spouse as you once did, or be an active partner in your marriage, those losses can be very painful for your family members. That’s why some settlements include money for loss of consortium.

Pain and Suffering

Coming to terms with a permanent injury is a long and painful journey, both in terms of your physical well-being and your mental well-being. That’s why so many permanent injury settlements include a substantial sum for pain and suffering. You can never get back the time you’ve lost to pain or trauma, but financial compensation is the only remedy available through the civil court.

Start Your Personal Injury Claim with Nowell Law Firm

If a permanent injury has changed you or a loved one’s life, make sure you get a chance to pursue the compensation you are entitled to. Talk to the team at Nowell Law Firm to get started. Reach out online or call us at 864-707-1785 to set up a meeting.

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